Barefoot knows grass, plants and shrubs and how they can work together to create the outdoor space of your dreams. Our expertise translates directly into less hassle for you and an eye-catching yard for you to be proud of.

Wondering about "professional" landscaping ?

"Landscaping" sounds expensive -- but it need not be. That's where we come in. Barefoot has an extensive knowledge of plants and shrubs and can help you decide how to turn your yard into something to be proud of.

Barefoot deals extensively with local nurseries to ensure that your garden has healthy and appropriate plants and shrubs at reasonable prices. Unlike others, we don't try to profit on plants -- Barefoot passes along pro and volume discounts to you, the client.

Want something more ?

Barefoot does that too! Barefoot knows there is sometimes more to a yard than what nature provides. Whether you want stepping stones, pavers, a fountain, or even a mosaic design, Barefoot can work with you to design and create the yard of your dreams.

What can Barefoot do for me ?

Each of our design projects -- like each of our clients -- is unique. Call or email us to set up a Barefoot consultation today.