The feeling of smooth, healthy grass between your toes is what inspires us at Barefoot. Our lawn services will get you walking barefoot again.

  • Barefoot Basics
      Mowing-- our basic lawn care program

  • Barefoot in the Yard
      Mow, Edge & Trim -- make your neighbors green with envy

  • Barefoot Grass System
      Seasonal Fertilization -- just like you, your lawn needs regular feedings

  • Totally Barefoot
      Mow, Edge, Trim, Fertilization & Weed Control -- your best bet for a year-round Barefoot lawn

  • Barefoot Growth Program
      Seeding -- available in March, April & October

Like to garden but hate shopping for plants? Let us bring plants from the Barefoot nursery direct to you, on your schedule.

  • Nursery
      Order plants on your schedule or let us help your plants start off on the right root.

  • Mulch/Pine Straw
      Whether you just need a refill or a whole new bed, Barefoot gets it done

  • Smart Winter Pruning
      Just because your plants aren't flowering doesn't mean they don't need your help -- smart winter pruning makes for a good spring

  • Sping Spruce Up
      Let us help you get your garden in shape to impress this spring

  • Barefoot Growth Program
      Ever seen those gigantic vegetables? Want more than a few flowers per planting or faster growing shrubs?

It takes a lot more than a pull to solve weed problems. Barefoot can help stop weeds before they start and ensure that, when removed, they stay away.

  • Weeding
      Let us help you get pesky weeds out of your life, to stay.

  • Weed Prevention
      Sometimes the best remedy is an ounce of prevention

  • Fire Ant Eradication
      We hate these pests as much as you do. No anthill is going to stand in the way of a Barefoot lawn.
                    Fire Ant Eradication

*We put family and pet safety first. We have our own kids, dogs and cats. Their safety is something we never fool around with.